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San Francisco is home to a number of city dives that serve vegan cuisine, from a gay tenderloin bar known for its vegan-friendly menu to a diverse mix of restaurants and bars. But it's also a thriving scene for good music, and you can catch a show in one of the best places in town on a Friday or Saturday night in the heart of San Francisco's South of Market. From Nope's no-frills Independent, long a sacred ground for up-and-coming musicians, to the hip-hop and indie-rock hotspot, San Francisco's East Bay, for a night of great music and good food.

There are 18 nightclubs in total, but you should check out the events calendar for more information about upcoming events. Burburlesque at DNA Lounge (375 11th St.) and see what they can do with their weekly show on Friday and Saturday nights and other events during the week.

Local live acts can be found in the Elbo Room (Calle 647 Valencia), where live music is played from above, and in the beer garden. While beer lovers want to visit their local craft beer and wine bar, don't miss this trick.

Sit back and satisfy your craft beer cravings at Brick Yard (1787 Union St.), where you can enjoy a variety of local craft beers, wine and cocktails, as well as live music. You can chat with friendly locals at the bar, where you can enjoy a variety of bar games. Catch live bands on the terrace, storm the microphone or check in before you head out to dance.

There are of course a few elevated points where you can see the southern end of the city, and a large hill called South San Francisco Industrial City.

The area is also full of lounges, ideal for meeting friends, family and friends from all walks of life as well as local shops and restaurants.

Haight's always has - fun club deluxe live bands, while across the street at Milk Bar you can get to hear local bands and DJ spins. Other popular clubs include the Sf Club, a newly renovated nightclub interior, and the gay club QBar, which hosts a women's party on Tuesdays. If standing on a stage is not your thing, Japantown has a karaoke spot where the microphone is passed around, where you pass it around. The Nob Hill's Encore Lounge is run by the k karaoke bar, but there is also a live band, live music and live entertainment.

While the decor is more upscale in this place, you can behave at the bar to take your gifts to a whole new level.

The Bow Bow Cocktail Lounge is located in Chinatown and is a great place to spend some time with a drink and some tunes. This two-story bar offers great views to the west, and again this is one of those places in the city that isn't afraid to have a million different cocktails. If you want to meet friends or just relax, you can stay in this bar for a few hours while sipping your beer. Catch the sunset, have a beer or just relax with a glass of wine and a good book or two.

You may not be able to get a fabulous fruity tiki drink, but you can try some of the many different cocktails you have to choose from. Polynesian food on the dance floor, Polynesian food from the dance floor. Depending on who you are, the salsa moves can work or you could spend the night grooving to the melodies of a seven-piece jazz band. DJs and local live music spiced up the atmosphere with a few different beers and a variety of wines and spirits to be sampled at the bar.

FROM, HYDE is a cash-only bar where a variety of local musical and comedy talents perform. Across Broadway, a stylish lounge was set up, where friendly rouge was danced and people were with the locals.

The Saloon has been in operation continuously since 1861 and is also one of the oldest bars in San Francisco. The bar opened in 2003, the day after Johnny Cash died, and in 2005 it was on fire, returning and more popular than ever. In 2010, a 75th birthday celebration was held, with Nicolo Isouard and the band Mosta performing.

The Saloon offers live blues music every night, and since its opening it has attracted live blues musicians. Members and guests from all over the Bay Area and beyond flock to the club for a great night of blues and blues, and great food and drinks.

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